I’ve been “Branded”

I had a great customer experience yesterday, and it surprised me, because it wasn’t what I expected.  I experienced a “brand” that was well represented throughout my visit.  Let me tell you about it.

Those of you who know me know that I’m not “girly.”  I’m a nuts and bolts kind of gal — business minded, focused, etc.  I spend little attention on makeup and hairstyles and the like.  It’s just not my thing.

Well, I decided to scope out some makeup for the Fall (my tan is starting to fade, you see).  I went into the department store called ULTA.  I had never been in before, and I was a little nervous.  Makeup stores and makeup counters at big department stores scare me.  The people who work there are usually made up to the hilt, girly, and really in to makeup and “foof.”  I always feel like they’re looking at me like I’m from Mars.  I expected to find the same kind of atmosphere at ULTA.  I was wrong.

The staff greeted me in a friendly, pleasant manner.  They didn’t look down their noses at me or react in any negative way. They were very willing to help, but they didn’t try to push anything on me.  They listened when I said I wasn’t into a lot of makeup, just wanted the basics.  They asked a few good questions and then showed me what I wanted to see.  They gave me time to consider and ask my questions.  They didn’t try to upsell me or make me feel “less than” in any way.

Even their language was good branding.  They referred to me as a “guest” throughout the visit, instead of calling me a “customer.”  They treated me like a guest–like they were glad I was there, not because they saw dollar signs or a blank canvas begging to be painted, but because they wanted me to find what I was looking for.  I really appreciated that.

So kudos to ULTA for a great job of branding.  I’ll go back to ULTA.  And I won’t be nervous the next time.

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One Comment on “I’ve been “Branded””

  1. I think it’s interesting how we’ll tell 11 other people when we have a horrible experience with a brand or company, but rarely talk about the good experiences. Bravo to you for sharing this very positive experience on your blog. If we all do this more, good businesses and brands will benefit tremendously!

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