Do your clothes fit you?

This morning, I spotted something that made me smile — a young person, new to the business world, trying to find his place.  He was 20, maybe, wearing a dress shirt and tie.  The shirt was too big for him, like he hoped he could grow into it.  Much, I suspect, like the role he was trying to play.  He was meeting with a group of much older businessmen, trying to look the part and fit in.  His body language and facial expressions were a little awkward, but hopeful.  He was on his way.

I remembered what it was to feel that way…to be young and unsure, not knowing if what I was going to say would make sense or not, and being afraid I’d look foolish if it didn’t.  I still say things occasionally that don’t make sense, but I’m of an age now where I’m not as afraid of looking foolish.  Realizing that made me think — maybe my “clothes” fit me too well.

Being experienced, mature, wise (or whatever) sometimes means we’re not as fresh as we should be.  While it’s a comfortable place, it may not be a place of growth and development.  In fact, I heard someone say once, “if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not learning anything.” 

Maybe it’s time for me to try on bigger “clothes,” to take on a new challenge or opportunity.  Is it time for you to do that as well?

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One Comment on “Do your clothes fit you?”

  1. Ah, this is “sage” advice for sure. There’s a place for comfortable complacency as long as we’re only visiting – and not there to stay!

    I’m thinking of my next new challenge, too! What’s yours? Any idea?

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