Gov. Chris Christie said it well…

While listening to news television this morning, I heard Gov. Chris Christie respond to a question about his considering a VP nomination.  His response was something like this:  Certain personalities are better suited to certain jobs.  I don’t see myself standing three feet behind the President and nodding my head.

Now, whether Christie will ever be asked to be VP or whether he would accept, I won’t dare try to predict.  But, he did echo what I teach and what I’ve found to be a key to success for many years:  It pays to know your own style and to take jobs that generally allow you to function within your natural style. 

This concept helps both the employer AND the employee in a job situation.  Just the other day, I was talking with a long-time business colleague who recently took a position in a bank.  He indicated that, while he was glad to have a job that allowed him to be at home nights, he was very dissatisfied with the job itself.  The skills are no problem–he can do the work well.  But, the job requires little to no human interaction, and he is drowning in silence and isolation.  His temperament/personality isn’t best suited to that type of position.  In fact, his strength isn’t being used at all.  He’s a great people person and connector.  And that’s where he is happiest and most successful.

Whether you’re the hirer or the hiree, pay attention to the behavioral characteristics of the job and the candidate.  Are they a good fit?  If not, keep looking.  You’re only setting up a stressful situation for everyone concerned if you ignore these issues.

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