It’s the dash that counts…

Walk through any cemetary, and you’ll see tombstones with dates like “1941 – 2011.”  We usually pay the most attention to when the person was born and when they died.  But the real story lies in the dash. 

What were their dreams?  Who did they love?  What did they accomplish?  What did they hope for?  How many times did they succeed?  How many times did they fail?  Were they clear on their purpose?  Did they love their life?

Each of us will have a dash, eventually.  We’re living that dash right now.  How purposeful are we being?  Are we focusing on things that are important?  Are we getting side-tracked by things that don’t really matter?  Are we letting little annoyances take the joy out of our days?

Each of us has a different path.  What is important to me might not be important to you, and that’s okay.  But whatever it is that’s important in your life, embrace it.  Engulf it.  Be deliberate.  Live your life with vigor.  Make your dash count!

(Special thanks to my brother-in-law, Gary King, for sharing this observation about the dash with me.)

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One Comment on “It’s the dash that counts…”

  1. Kathryn Cooke Says:

    The Dash by Linda Ellis is one of the most awe-inspiring poems that I have ever read. Thank you for commenting on it!

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