Disconnecting can be good!

October 2nd has been designated as the Day to Disconnect (http://www.daytodisconnect.com/).  I think this is a great idea!  I work with business people, managers and executives, all the time about their people skills.  One of the hardest thing for these folks to do is to connect with the people in front of them.  They are often too distracted by the vibration, pinging, or other notification noices from their mobile devices or computers.  How sad.

Mobile devices have helped us to stay “in the loop” round the clock, but as a result, we’ve gotten “out of sync” with the people in front of us.  Have you ever felt less than important when the person in front of you constantly checked his or her mobile device during your conversation?  I have.  Now, I understand that sometimes urgent issues are in process and we need to stay connected.  I can deal with that if my colleague explains ahead of time that he/she is waiting on a particularly important call or piece of information.  But, other than that, mobile devices should be put away during face to face converstaions.

So, here’s a challenge for you.  Make it a point to pay attention to the people in front of you — concentrate on their faces, what they are saying, and the message they may be trying to convey.  Give them your undivided attention — just for those minutes you are in their presence.  Your emails. Tweets, and text messages will still be there when you’re done.

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One Comment on “Disconnecting can be good!”

  1. AMEN, Sista!

    Aren’t we in a relationship economy? If my highest and best relationship is with my phone or laptop, it’s time to rethink my priorities! There’s MUCH to be gained from making the people right in front of me feel seen and important. My expectation is that others will give me the same attention and courtesy as well.

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