Instruction manual for your employee…

A client of mine confessed something to me today.  He was relaying a story of an employee he lost–someone he would like to have kept.  His confession went something like this:

“I re-read her DISC report after she left and realized that I should have done so sooner.  It clearly showed me where I went wrong with her.  I gave her freedom and took a hands-off approach, because I had confidence in her.  She needed someone to engage with her and took my backing off as rejection.  If I’d only paid attention to what SHE needed.”

I was glad he realized that he had valuable information at his disposal; I just wished he had realized it soon enough for it to make a difference.  I work with clients all the time, providing DISC behavioral tools as part of their hiring process.  I encourage them to use it once they hire an individual as an “instruction manual on their new employee,” if you will.  The report will help them understand how the employee likes to interact, take in information and receive feedback.  It will even help them understand where the employee may struggle — as we all struggle somewhere!

Hiring is hard work, and it costs money.  Once we spend money on a good hiring process, we shouldn’t stop short.  We need to keep employees engaged and productive, and appeal to their needs and desires.  Otherwise, we’ll just keep repeating the hiring exercise over and over again.

So, here’s the admonition for today in two parts:

  1. Use a good behavioral tool like DISC when you’re hiring so you’ll do a better job of getting the right person in the right job.
  2. Use the tool you already paid for throughout your employee’s career — it will help you and the employee build a better working relationship that leads to success.

Want more information about DISC and how it works in the hiring process and beyond?  Call me.  704-315-9090

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One Comment on “Instruction manual for your employee…”

  1. dailyramble Says:

    This is excellent reminder for employers – and employees! From both sides, we have a responsibility to ourselves to ask for what we need. As an employee, having the DiSC for self-awareness purposes is invaluable! As an employer, using the DiSC to manage our employees in a way that works best for them is equally as valuable. Self-leadership and self-management go BOTH directions. Thanks for the reminder, Denise!

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