1 + 1 does not equal 2

Everybody knows that numbers are important in business.  What some people don’t seem to realize is that numbers don’t work in business like they do in math.  In math, 1+1=2.  In business, 1+1 can equal hundreds — at least when you’re talking about connections. 

Steve Eanes of Changing Matters taught a seminar this morning and quoted the statistic that everyone knows 250 people.  That means for every person I get to know, I am indirectly connected to their 250 acquaintances.  I probably won’t be passed along to all 250, but let’s say my new contact decides to introduce me to 5 of his friends.  Suddenly, 1+1=7.  Then, if just 2 of those 5 introduce me to 5 of their friends, 1+1=17.  You get the picture.

Here’s my real life example of how this works.  This week, I met with one of my fellow “Charlotte Business Owners” members from Linkedin.  We had connected online, but decided to meet for coffee.  In the 30 minute conversation, I thought of two people I needed to introduce him to.  Those contacts had not occured to me until he and I talked.  (That reinforced my notion that we make contacts through technology, but we make real connections face to face.  At least that’s how it works for me.)

Also, this week, I had the opportunity to connect a banker and a financial consultant.  I think they’ll both be able to help each other.  A day later, I received a referral from the financial consultant.  Connections.

I think good networking is the 9th wonder of the world (right behind compound interest).  We can leverage our efforts beautifully when we work to help other people make connections, and they turn right around and help us do the same.

Reach out to a new connection in the next few days.  Think of two people who should get to know each other and arrange an introduction.  Then watch what happens.  It’s very cool!!!

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