Have we met???

I’ve thought a lot this month about what it takes to expand your network.  Social media and blogs like this one have given us new ways to reach out and share thoughts and ideas.  That’s great.  But—it simply can’t take the place of meeting face-to-face. 

I’ve made a real effort since the first of the year to attend more functions, reach out to more people, to make those face-to-face connections.  Once again, I’ve found the power of “in person” to be amazing.  The social media connections may make it easier to get that first in-person meeting, for sure.  But I’m afraid some people are trying to use them as a substitute. 

I have a client who is basically an introvert.  He loves the idea that he can “meet” people via LinkedIn because it makes him feel as though he’s becoming more extraverted.  In fact, it’s allowing him to hide behind his computer–in his safe place.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, but if meeting people is a goal, then he needs to get out from behind the computer and engage – face to face.  The information he can gather on LinkedIn can help him plan the meeting so that he feels less awkward — he can know what topics might be of interest to his new acquaintance and prepare accordingly.  That may help him feel less uncomfortable, and that’s great.  Still, he needs to get “in person” contact.

So, if I haven’t met you yet, I’d like to.  If you’re in the Charlotte area, call me for coffee.  If you’re not, we can Skype — not quite in-person, but the next best thing. 

Get out there — meet some new people — in person!

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