Most likely to…

Do you remember back in high school when we had the “Most likely to…” lists?  There was the coveted “Most likely to succeed,” the revered “Most likely to be famous,” and the lesser favored “Most likely to die in prison” categories.  Some of these were published in the yearbook, while others (like the prison thing) were just bantered about in the halls. 

We were looking to the future — when we would “become somebody.”  Well, now we are somebody, and I think it’s still a good idea to aspire to be the “most likely to” something.

If you were to receive an award today from your business and personal associates, what award or “most likely to” would you want to receive?  What would mean the most to you and why?  What do you think would come to mind first if your connections were asked to give you a “most likely to” title? 

I hope my connections’ “most likely to” would be this:  Denise is most likely to provide practical business advice to anyone who asks.  I like being available to people, getting to talk over ideas and brainstorm solutions.  Sure, it’s what I get paid to do as a consultant, but I also enjoy doing this with my networking contacts, friends and family.  Bantering ideas is a sport to me.

What do you hope your connections would say?  Comment and let me know.  We can have a little fun developing our own community of “most likely to’s.”

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