2011 is the year to be negative — really negative!

People tell us we should be positive, speak positive things, think positive thoughts.  They say we shouldn’t be negative.  Well, I’ve decided that being negative is highly under-rated.  I’ve decided to be really, really negative in 2011, and I’m asking each of you to join me.  Here are some ideas of the negative things we’ll think about:

1.  I WILL NOT sit back and let the economy dictate my success.  Not gonna do it…wouldn’t be prudent!  I’m going to    take a totally negative attitude toward the down economy.  It stinks–it’s lousy–and I’m not gonna take it anymore.

2.  I CANNOT rely on others to make my life what I need it to be.  I can’t rely on the government, on consumers, on economists, the media — I can’t rely on anybody, and so I won’t. 

3.  I AM NOT going to be satisfied with okay.  I’m totally negative on “okay.”  I will not settle for less than great. 

Hey, I think I like this negative thing.  It gets my juices flowing — makes me want to strike out and shake things up.  Just one problem, though — I’m afraid all this negative thinking may create positive results…Oh, well.

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One Comment on “2011 is the year to be negative — really negative!”

  1. Ed Zohn Says:

    Very nicely stated. I’m now a fan.

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