Winning really isn’t everything…

Anyone who knows me may find the title of this blog puzzling.  I like to win.  I’m extremely competitive.  So much so that, as a younger person, I wouldn’t participate in things I didn’t think I could win.  That doesn’t mean I always DID win, but I had to know my chances were pretty good, or I wouldn’t play.

I think I missed out on a lot of opportunities with that attitude.  There were many things I could have participated in and learned from, whether I was really good at them or not.  So, as a 50-year old woman, I’m trying to think differently.

A few weeks ago, I participated in my first 5K.  I’m not particularly athletic, and there was no way I was going to “win” in the traditional sense.  Heck, I was walking it after all (I’m not much of a runner).  But there was something really fulfilling about just doing it.  I was tickled to get the medal that was awarded to all participants.  It was fun being in the mix of the runners and walkers.  I was proud of myself.

I think business is like that, too.  If we only try the ideas that we know will win, we miss out on a lot.  In fact, business is about risk, and taking risks means we’re going to fail sometimes.  I’m not advocating taking stupid risks, but sometimes we have to step out and take a chance, and then see what can happen.

The economy has caused a lot of folks to pull back, and necessarily so.  As we continue to recover, how much will you step out?  What idea will you try that isn’t a sure bet, but has some potential?  As the old saying goes, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  And that’s true even if what you gain isn’t first prize!

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