Tightening the belt – I get it now!

You’ve probably heard people talk about “tightening the belt” in tough times.  That means, of course, not spending as much money because times are hard.  I get that.  But the lesson has come home to me in a real way since I’ve lost weight — and there are business lessons associated.  Read on…

For years, I’ve worn clothes that were “forgiving,” shall we say.  You know, pants with elastic waists and stretchy fabric, jackets that weren’t tailored, but had a more “flowing” look.  I justified this all, of course, with the comfort they afforded and the ease with which these fabrics travel.  This is all true, but not the only reason I chose them.  Having these forgiving outfits meant I didn’t have to pay attention to my weight.  Ten pounds up or down didn’t make much difference.  (To be honest, 30 pounds up or down didn’t make much difference — and the pounds were usually going UP!)

Now that I’ve lost 35 pounds, I’ve realized that continuing to wear those forgiving clothes will sabatoge my efforts to keep the weight off.  In those clothes, I can’t feel it when I put on a few pounds, so I let things get out of control.  If I “tighten my belt” by wearing fitted clothing that is the size I want to be, I’ll notice immediately if I start to put on weight.  Hence — tightening the belt helps me stay the size I want to stay.

Here’s the business lesson:  BUDGET!  Whether times are good or bad, you need to prepare a budget for your business and live by it.  The budget works like the “fitted clothing” I mentioned before.  It will help you notice problems before they get out of control so that you can correct them while there is still time.  If you have employees, they help your employees stay within the bounds as well. 

Budgeting isn’t necessarily fun, but it is very useful.  Not sure how to start?  Talk with your CPA or call us for some guidance.  Tighten the belt — and have a more profitable future.

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One Comment on “Tightening the belt – I get it now!”

  1. Excellent blogpost! I would apply to many things in business, including not getting lazy about networking, treating potential and current customers with attention, keeping on top of your email, returning calls in a timely manner…and…and…and! Keep the foundation of your business on firm footing in prosperous times and in those ‘belt tightening’ times and you’ll find your business on an even keel.

    I guess this applies to weight loss, too! During prosperous times, we tend to eat more and exercise less (“I’m so busy…). In sticking to your “caloric budget” you continue to eat in moderation AND continue to exercise in moderation. 🙂

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