50 Fabulous Years…

Today is my 50th birthday!  I want to take a few minutes to celebrate. 

I’ve had a wonderful life.  I had great parents who loved me and taught me the importance of integrity and hard work.  They balanced the “you can do anything” message with “be responsible for your actions.”  That balance has served me well.

I had great sisters.  I was the baby of the family, so they gave me just enough grief to keep me from being too spoiled. 

I had great friends — still do.  At each stage of my life, I’ve met people who taught me things, laughed with me, cried with me, were there for me, and let me be there for them.  With very few exceptions, I’ve found that people are good and caring.  Sure, they’ve all had their quirks, but that’s part of what made them special and interesting.  I cherish my friends.

I gave birth to two wonderful children who have become two amazing adults.  Watching them grow and develop into the creative, special, intelligent people they are has been a thrill.  And, yes, I occasionally hear my words coming from their mouths now that they are grown.

Eleven years ago, I got very lucky and married a most wonderful man.  My life with Rod has been amazing.  We’re just the right match of competitiveness and caring, contrariness and compassion.  I don’t think anyone could have been more “right” for me.  His two girls, my stepdaughters, have become good friends of mine, and I value their place in my life.

My business, Altman Initiative Group, Inc., turned 9 years old today, and that, too, has been a joy of my life.  I’ve had a great career, great clients, and great opportunities that I trust will continue to come my way.

I look at 50 in one way and think, “Geez, I’m old.”  But then, when I look back over all the cool things that have happened to me, I can only think, “Wow–I’m lucky!”

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2 Comments on “50 Fabulous Years…”

  1. audreeeeeey Says:

    You’re an amazing mom!

  2. mgsj Says:

    It’s wonderful when we can embrace life. At 20, 50 seems so far away but it is on the door steps before we know what happen. I enjoy your blog posts. Thanks for sharing your life and business knowelge.


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