Are you asking for trouble?

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not much of a “rule” person.  I don’t believe in having lots of rules, and I don’t particularly like to abide by rules, unless they make sense to me. 

I was reminded this weekend of the fact that sometimes rules need to be followed.  My husband, Rod, and I were boating on Lake Norman late Sunday afternoon.  There was quite a bit of traffic on the main channel.  In front of us was a boat pulling a couple of kids on a tube on the main channel with traffic all around.  Not only that, another small child was sitting on the back of the boat right over the motor watching the tubers.  If this wasn’t bad enough, the guy cut across right in front of us and some other boats to go to the other side of the channel. 

Three words came to mind for me:  Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!  There were so many accidents waiting to happen in that one boat that I was appalled.  The driver was really asking for trouble.

Was he trying to be stupid?  I doubt it.  Was he trying to hurt anyone?  Surely not.  Was he trying to prove that rules don’t matter?  I wouldn’t think so.  More likely, he wasn’t even aware of the rules that he was breaking.  He didn’t know what trouble he might be getting into.

I see this a lot on the lake.  You don’t have to have a boater’s license to drive a boat, so many people get out there that have no business driving.  They have no grasp of the rules of the water, and so they put themselves and others in danger.  They need to know the rules – and they need to abide by them for safety’s sake.

Think about your own situation.  Are you asking for trouble because you haven’t familiarized yourself with the rules of the road or the “lay of the land”?  In a new business venture, a new career, even a new relationship, there is benefit to knowing the following the guiding principles and rules.  They’ll often keep you out of trouble!

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One Comment on “Are you asking for trouble?”

  1. Mary Storms Says:

    Excellent points. As they say, Rules are made to be broken. But we should know the rules in our industries & functions well enough to decide when it’s appropriate to break them.

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