They’re watching you…

I made a phone call late yesterday afternoon to a business colleague.  It was after 5, but I was hoping I might catch her still in the office.  The phone was answered by a younger voice than usual.  The young girl very articulately identified the company name, provided the company slogan, then gave her name and asked how she could help me.  I was very impressed.  She politely let me know that my friend (her mother) was in a meeting, and that she would be happy to take my name and number and have my call returned.

I smiled as I hung up the phone thinking how well my friend had trained her daughter, who I think is maybe 12 years old. 

When my friend returned the call a little later, she apologized for her daughter answering the phone.  As it turns out, they had never discussed her answering the phone at the office, and my friend had no idea that her daughter knew how to handle the situation.  She was suprised as I relayed the competence with which her young daughter handled the call.  (Better than many adults I’ve run into.)

So, here’s the lesson/reminder.  We usually talk about our children paying attention to what we do as a reminder that we shouldn’t do bad or stupid things.  However, they don’t just pay attention to the dumb things we do—they also pay attention to the good things we do.  They learn manners, protocol, conversation, approaches and so on by watching how we deal with situations.  We’re educating our children with every action we take.  Thank goodness they pick up on the good lessons as well as our foibles.

Thanks, Sally, for reminding me of this important lesson.

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