Who’s Responsible?

I’m often troubled by news reports and commentaries that seek to place blame for everything that happens on someone else.  While I understand that there are factors that affect each of us, I don’t believe that most things are completely out of our control.  Much of what happens to us is a result of choices we make along the way.

It’s easy in an economy like the current one to mope and despair.  Business is down.  That’s a fact.  People have lost jobs.  That’s a fact.  But moping and pointing to forces outside of our control doesn’t get us back to where we need to be.  Only taking responsibility for our own actions will get us there.

I’m not suggesting that the path is easy if we choose to take control.  Those outside factors still exist.  I’m saying that taking control will move us forward faster than abdicating. 

So, who’s responsible for your career?  YOU are.  Who’s responsible for your company’s success?  If you own the company, YOU are. 

Think.  Strategize.  Look for new ideas.  Brainstorm.  Then MOVE.  As my dad used to tell me, DO something!

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